There's an application to know your cat's mood, you just need a camera

 Who's hobby is taking photos of their favorite cats until the memory on their cellphones runs out just for pictures of the mpus? Now, there is another reason to use HP for more important things for the cat.

The technology company developed an application called 'Tably' which uses a cellphone camera to determine the mood or what is being felt by the cat. Does the cat feel pain or is it okay?

The app monitors from ear and head position, cat's gaze, muzzle tension, and how the whiskers change, to detect discomfort. A 2019 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports found that the so-called 'cat grimace scale', or FGS, is a valid and reliable tool for the assessment of acute pain in cats.

"This helps cat owners know if their cat is in pain or not," says Michael Priest, business leader of

"We can train machines using machine learning and a series of images," he continued as quoted by Yahoo! News.

Furthermore, this application is considered to be able to help young veterinarians, said Dr. Liz Ruelle of the Wild Rose Cat Clinic in Calgary, where developers train algorithms.

"I love working with cats, always growing up with cats. For other colleagues, recent graduates, who may not have so much experience yet, it can be very scary to know - are your patients in pain?" he said.

While the Talby app learns patterns from images of cats' faces and can be helpful, cat owners should also look at their pets' entire bodies. It includes a tail to look for clues about the cat's health.

"Cats that are worried or scared have their tails very tight and tense. Also, think about their behavior in terms of eating, drinking, toileting, sleeping like they normally do?" said Alice Potter of the British animal charity RSPCA.

So how about you, have you ever used this application or similar applications? Was the app helpful enough for you? Write in the comments column, yes.

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