This Gaming Mouse Has a 1TB SSD, What For?


XPG showcased a mouse concept called XPG Vault, which is a gaming mouse equipped with an SSD with a capacity of up to 1TB. What do you do?

Actually, currently there are many gaming mice equipped with storage, but the capacity is not large, especially up to 1TB. Storage is usually used to store mouse settings and macros, so gamers don't need to reset their mouse when switching devices.

However, what XPG offers is different, because the SSD is used to store games, so users can carry games along with various settings when moving from one PC to another.

Not much information on the specifications provided by XPG, but according to them, the current Vault prototype can use an SSD with a capacity of up to 1TB with a speed of up to 985MB/s, and connect to a PC using USB-C.

It's also unclear how many capacity options XPG will offer, as well as information on whether the SSD will be able to be replaced by the user himself.

Information on the SSD used is not mentioned, but it is most likely that the SSD was made by ADATA, the RAM and SSD manufacturer that owns XPG. Likewise with technical information about the mouse, such as the sensor used or the supported DPI.

But what is clear is that they also released the XPG Alpha, which looks like the Vault, but works wirelessly and is not equipped with an SSD. This Alpha uses the PAW3335 sensor from Pixart.

Vault will be exhibited by XPG at CES 2022, which will still be held offline even though many companies have withdrawn from their participation in the annual event.

Keep in mind, Vault is a mouse that XPG calls a concept and prototype. It is not yet known whether this mouse will actually be released to the public in the future, considering that many of the concept products showcased at CES were not finally released to the public.

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