Twitter Users Will Be Able To Add Warning Labels


Twitter has filters and systems that can detect tweets or media such as photos/videos uploaded to its platform whether they contain harmful content or are inappropriate for public viewing.

Such tweets will also be given a warning label so other users can think twice before clicking on the tweet.

And now, Twitter has announced that it is testing a new system that will give users more control over these warning labels. Users can place warning labels on their own tweets and media posts as reported by us from Ubergizmo.

Although users can label themselves, it does not mean that labeling with this system allows users to override Twitter's own warning system.

People use Twitter to discuss what's happening in the world, which sometimes means sharing unsettling or sensitive content. We're testing an option for some of you to add one-time warnings to photos and videos you Tweet out, to help those who might want the warning.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) December 7, 2021

This is actually a pretty useful feature to have and can be a good way for users to better manage their tweets, especially if they have a public account and may be concerned that what they post may be seen by people who might not want to see it.

Because this is still in the testing phase so not all users can take advantage of it. However, if this test runs and gets a good response, it is likely that Twitter will officially launch it.

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