Unpacking the Poco X3 GT Special Edition Crooz


Poco collaborated with Crooz and released a special edition Poco X3 GT. What's in the sales package?

Crooz is a community of young people who love skateboarding and urban apparel brands.

The sales package comes in a large form, bigger than the sales package for a 24 inch PC monitor.

The product of this collaboration is the Poco X Crooz Special Package Box, which contains the 8GB/128GB Poco X3 GT variant.

In addition to the Poco X3 GT, the sales package includes a Crooz skateboard with a special design.

Skateboard assembly instructions.

There is a sticker with a special design, and also a skin to be installed on the Poco X3 GT body.

As for the Poco X3 GT, there is no difference compared to the Poco X3 GT which is sold freely.

This special package is available very limited, which is only 12 units. To get it, prospective buyers must follow the Raffle system.

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