Viral Charming Woman Good at Cooking Ramen, Enchanted Netizens

 A woman who is good at cooking ramen has gone viral for her skills and appearance. The video showing him cooking ramen was viewed 1 million times on YouTube in just about 5 days since it aired.

Quoted from NextShark, the woman played a role in the video entitled 'Beautiful Ramen Master' which aired on the Mogumogu channel. This channel usually shows popular restaurants in Japan.

The woman, who was not named, said she was given the responsibility to operate a restaurant called Ramen Chonmage in the Osaka area. Seen in the video how he is skilled at cooking ramen that looks delicious.

"I like the taste of the fried rice and ramen at this restaurant. Incidentally, I can talk directly to the owner of this restaurant," he said in the interview in the video.

Women who are good at cooking ramen, women are good at cooking ramen. Photo: YouTube

He also asked the owner to open a restaurant in Osaka because he lives there. The request was granted so that now, he is in charge of the restaurant's operations.

Besides ramen, the mainstay menu there is fried rice and dumplings. On the other hand, he admits that his restaurant has been a bit affected by the pandemic that has hit him for some time, but is trying to recover.

Many positive comments were made by netizens on the video. "His charming smile says everything. He is a master of ramen and a charming figure," wrote a comment.

"I love his skills, no doubt that he will be able to grow this ramen business with his positive attitude and ambition," wrote another.

"The kitchen is very clean and all utensils are immediately returned to their place when they are finished," reads a comment about the condition of the kitchen. Here's the video:

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