Welcome the New Year With Japanese Themed Skins at Arena of Valor


Welcoming the start of the new year 2022, Garena Arena of Valor (AOV), presents four stunning themed Skins. Are you ready to have it?

Through the Shrine of Luck Event which takes place from December 31, 2021 to January 14, 2022, Challengers, as AOV players are called, can get the main prize, namely Skin Liliana Natsu Matsuri, Airi Sakura Fubuki, Arum Miko and Telannas Fox Shrine Maiden.

In addition, there are four other attractive prizes waiting for you in the game. There are Permanent Skins, Emoji, Battle Effects, Universal Skin Fragments and also 200 Cashback Vouchers.

Players will get one prize for each Draw that is played. You can also do eight rounds to get all the prizes.

Not only that, Challengers have the opportunity to get a Shrine Revolution Ticket. By doing missions in the game in order to get Free Draw.

So, don't forget to Login AOV today and check out the Shrine of Luck Event. Why? So that you get four Beautiful Skins and other attractive prizes.

Garena has also presented a new Skin edition of Sunlight God. There are three heroes who use this super cool cosmetic, starting from Zata, Allain and Ilumia.

Challengers can get it at a special price, in the Lucky Wheel Event which takes place from December 29, 2021 to January 13, 2022. Challengers also have the opportunity to win a Jackpot with a prize of 999 Vouchers.

Now for now, players can enjoy Arena of Valor wallpapers with stunning visual designs from Zata Sunlight God, Allain Sunlight God and Ilumia High Priest of Sunlight. How to download, you can directly click on the following link: Sunlight God Edition Wallpaper.

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