What Do Checkmarks Mean in WhatsApp?


When sending a message to someone on WhatsApp, we will see an accompanying tick mark. Some are gray, sometimes blue too, what does that mean?

There are three stages in sending messages on WhatsApp. Each stage is marked with a tick.

So through the tick we can see the status of the message sent. When the message is responded to by the recipient, the recipient will see a change in the WhatsApp checkmark.

Meaning of Check on WhatsApp

Tick ​​One Gray

If you see a gray tick, it means WhatsApp has successfully sent the message. But the message has not yet reached the recipient's cell phone.

There are many factors that keep the tick from turning into two ticks. It could be that the internet connection is not good, the recipient is not activating his cellphone or you are blocked.

Tick ​​Two Gray

Two gray ticks mean the message has arrived on the recipient's phone. However, the person has not read the message.

Tick ​​Two Blue

Two blue ticks mean the message has been read. However, if this is a group chat, the two gray ticks won't turn blue until everyone in the group has read the message.

Message Info

For all sent messages, you will be able to see the Message Info screen showing information about when the message was delivered, read, or played by the recipient.

To view the message info screen:

Open an individual or group chat.

Tap and hold on the message you have sent.

On Android, tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner followed by pressing the Info option

On iPhone press Info option

The message info screen will display the following information:


Your message has been delivered to the recipient's device, but the recipient has not yet seen the message.

Read or Viewed:

- The recipient has read the message or viewed the image, audio or video file you sent.

- The recipient has seen your voicemail, but hasn't played it yet.


The recipient has played the voice message you sent.

A little note when a participant leaves the group, the Message info screen will still display the initial information with all participants, including participants who have left the group.

Turn off read reports

To turn off read reports, tap More options > Settings > Account > Privacy and turn off Read reports.

This will not disable read reports for group chats or play reports for voicemail.

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