Wow! There's a Suspicious App on the Samsung Galaxy Store


The Samsung Galaxy Store is the app store that is found on every Samsung phone and tablet. Unfortunately, in it there are applications that are suspicious.

Reporting from Phone Arena, Wednesday (12/29/2021), there are several suspicious movie streaming applications on the Galaxy Store. Fortunately, now the application is no longer in the application store.

The application is Showbox, which also has several sister applications, and according to linuxct mobile security analyst, the application is actually harmless, but in it there is technology that allows it to be an entrance and at the same time activate malware.

According to Max Weinbach, Showbox and its various twins were flagged as potentially dangerous applications from Google Play Protect. Because it's also possible Showbox is not in the Play Store.

Then the application was analyzed using VirusTotal, an online virus and malware scanner service. The results are also appropriate, because the application asks for permission to access some data that is redundant and shouldn't be needed, such as records of incoming and outgoing calls.

Another problem is that Showbox is well-known for being a content pirate, and it is very likely that the videos that appear on Showbox are copyright infringement. Fortunately, this Showbox is only available on the Galaxy Store and not on the Play Store.

But unfortunately, because the Galaxy Store does not display the number of downloads, it is unknown how widespread this application is. But what is clear, Showbox has got hundreds of reviews on the Galaxy Store, and some of them have mentioned warnings regarding the presence of malware.

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