10 sophisticated tools showing off at CES 2022, like from the future


Hundreds of technology companies join in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, Las Vegas, United States. The variety of advanced tools they exhibit.

The dentist advises us to pierce teeth for two minutes, twice a day. But Fasteesh Y-brush, this French artificial toothbrush we only need 10 seconds to maximum teeth.

This ordinary bracelet looks sophisticated. This bracelet-shaped security device is called Myeli, aesthetic design jewelry bracelet that allows users to warn emergency contacts in the event of a danger.

The device named "Amagami Ham Ham" is a therapeutic robot that simulates bite on the finger, intended to provide a convenience effect similar to a baby or pet.

Not a TV! This tool is a smart mirror that can include features such as personal health data and make up tutorials.

The Advanced Pivo Pod X tool is also exhibited in CES 2022. This tool is a monopod buffer smartphone camera that can automatically move various directions. Suitable for the Content Creator!

A man tried the O2 Pharaoh massage chair at the CES technology exhibition. Besides massaging, this chair also provides oxygen therapy.

For the first time in the world, there is an electric bicycle to drive in the snow. Here is Moonbikes Motors.

This Bob Mini Dishwasher dishwasher is suitable as the right time saver for those who live in a small house. The size is mini and its simple operation makes this tool interesting.

Participants demonstrated how the orbisk measured food at the CES technology exhibition. Orbisk is the first automatic food waste monitor in the world.

This tool is suitable for mothers because they can identify the state of infant emotions based on the sound pattern.

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