200 Million Year Old Rare Dinosaur Traces Sightings


Some time ago, dinosaur tracks were found in South Wales, United Kingdom. After intensive research, scientists believe the age of the traces of the ancient animal reaches 200 years.

Paleontologists at the Natural History Museum, who researched it for some time, believe that the footprints were left by a sauropod or early prosauropod dinosaur from the Triassic period.

As quoted by us from Sky News, the trail was discovered on the coast of the Penarth area by an amateur scientist named Kerry Rees in 2020, who then reported it to the Natural History Museum.

Initially skeptical because of the sheer number of such reports, Dr Ssusannah Maidment and Professor Paul Barret finally decided to research it and now believe the traces are from an early dinosaur.

"We've had a lot of reports from residents of what's judged to be traces of the past, but a lot of them are just biological profiles that easily look like footprints," said the professor.

But from the photo sent by the discoverer, he decided to check it out because it looked quite convincing and it was true that it was a dinosaur imprint from hundreds of millions of years ago.

It is estimated, these traces come from the dinosaurs who in their lifetime were walking actively. According to Paul, traces of this kind are rare things found around the world.

"Such types of dinosaur tracks are not common worldwide, so we believe this is an interesting addition to our knowledge of Triassic life in England," he added.

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