3 Free PS Plus 2022 Games for PS4 and PS5, There's Persona 5 Strikers


Welcoming the new year, Sony again provides free access to several PS Plus games to members. Everything has been able to be enjoyed since January 4 last.

"Available to add to your game library until Tuesday, February 1, 2022," wrote Adam Michel, Director of Content Acquisition & Operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

They revealed, there are three cool titles that can be enjoyed at no additional cost or free, ranging from Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5 and Deep Rock Galactic. The number is less when compared to December 2021, where up to six games were served.

Unfortunately, Michel said that the list of games such as Godfall: Challenger Edition, Lego DC Super-Villains, Mortal Shell, The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Standard Edition and Until You Fall can no longer be obtained for free. Because the period ended on January 3 last.

A little information, where PlayStation does often provide free games for its fans. But do you know the amount that has been disbursed, especially last year?

When referring to the price of the PlayStation Network (PSN), a total of 41 games were distributed. Its value reached USD 1,329.63 . With the average price per title reaching USD 35.94.

That number is much higher, compared to 2020. There were 28 games recorded and the number touched USD 799.72. Then for the price per title, which is USD 28.56.

If deciphered, the difference is due to the number of games on offer. Looking at the PS5 platform, the available titles have increased from 2 to 15 games. Then PS4 increased by five games to 31 titles and PS VR also increased from just two to six.

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