Apple Wants To Get Rid Of The Digital Crown On Apple Watch?


The Digital Crown on Apple Watch is a physical button that acts as a home button or to access a list of apps. This feature also allows users to navigate through menus and make adjustments.

Basically, the Digital Crown is another way for users to interact with their watch without using a touchscreen.

However, it is reported that Apple will remove the Digital Crown button. According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it appears that Apple has filed a patent for the Apple Watch that eliminates the need for a Digital Crown.

Instead, Apple will replace the physical Digital Crown with an optical sensor. This sensor will offer the same functionality as the Digital Crown, except that it relies on motion to detect what the user wants to do.

As reported by us from Ubergizmo, according to Apple's patent description, removing the physical dials allows them to free up internal space that can be used for other components, while making the watch more durable by eliminating moving parts.

It also mentions that by implementing optical sensors, the new Digital Crown can also be used to measure things like heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and more, in addition to the ECG currently used by the Digital Crown on devices already on the Apple Watch. . However, this information has so far been limited to patents. So not sure if Apple will actually implement it in the future.

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