Ashanty is suspected of having Omicron, this is the reaction of netizens


Ashanty tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from Turkey. Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Vaccine at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said that Ashanty had not confirmed the Omicron variant, but he confirmed Ashanty was positive for Corona. How are netizens reacting?

"Ashanty should be aware that his immune system is not as strong as other people? It means that he has an auto immune disease, why don't you take the risk of going abroad," wrote a netizen.

Some highlighted that Ashanty had been exposed to Corona before. "Mbak Ashanty, how come you are subscribed to Corona. Btw. I hope you get well soon," wrote a netizen.

"Entering the AHHA wedding is not easy. Use rapid, swabs and antigens. At the beginning of Corona, Anang Ashanty's family donated 3 containers of PPE which were immediately ordered from China," said a netizen who judged Ashanty's family to be obedient to the prokes.

"Don't blame Ashanty, it's just him who went abroad. Don't blame it, it's called a disaster, who wants to get covid? Gada," defended another.

"Ashanty's condition in the hospital, I pray that hopefully it will be like on the news that Omicron is not dangerous, it's light. What we panic about is that he is autoimmune, this is what we think," said Anang.

Meanwhile, according to Anang, now Ashanty has received the handling of the COVID-19 Task Force. He is said to have been hospitalized.

In his Instagram, Ashanty pours out his heart. He admitted that he was very sad why in Indonesia until now there are still many people who spread hateful words.

"For those of you who berate me when I'm in this condition, I thank you. I hope you are given health. You never know the reason for someone to do something, but blaspheme is so light. "said Ashanty on his Instagram.

"We also plan to leave before we know there is a new virus and at a time when many people have left too. We follow the rules and procedures even after traveling, you blaspheme at will, without thinking about the feelings of people who you may not know the condition of your heart, psyche and others," continued Ashanty.

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