Before the End of the Year, Telegram Presents Many Great Features

 Last day of 2021, Telegram announced that it has updated its service by bringing many cool features such as message reactions, translations, hidden texts, QR codes, and much more.

For the Message Reaction feature, it allows users to add emoji to the messages they receive. Uniquely, if on Facebook Messenger the reaction emoji is the default, on Telegram users can add as many emojis as they want.

To add this Reaction emoji the user can double tap on the message bubble and a small thumbs up emoji will appear at the bottom of the message. To change the line of reaction emoji, go to Settings > Stickers and Emojis > Quick Reactions.

Then another interactive feature is hiding text, users can hide message text, for example, like discussing a movie story in a group chat, so that other users in the group don't get spoilers, the discussion will be displayed in a blur and to open the text, just tap on the message. While typing a message, select the text you want to hide, tap B/I/U in the black popover menu and tap Spoiler.

Another new feature is translation which offers the ability to translate any message into another language within the app. Translate can be enabled in the app under Settings > Language, then tap and hold on a message to translate it into the desired language.

Users can also exclude any language used fluently to hide the translate button for the message.

Another new feature is the ability to generate themed QR codes for each user who has a public username, as well as for groups, channels, and bots. There are also additional interactive emojis that animate when sent, such as the fire emoji and the loud crying face.

Reported by us from Macrumors, Friday (12/31/2021) these features will be present on iPhone and iPad devices that can run iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or later. Unfortunately for Telegram users on Android there is no further information whether these features will also be available or not.

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