BlackBerry Boss Courage: We'll Be Fine


BlackBerry death still leaves a lot of stories. As reported, last January 4, support for the Blackberry OS has ended so that the history of old BlackBerry phones is over. Even though the boss was confident that they would be fine.

One of the big reasons for BlackBerry's downfall is because it can't compete with the iPhone. Let's go back in time when BlackBerry was still booming and Apple was getting ready to launch the first iPhone in 2007.

At that time, Mike Lazaridis as Co CEO of BlackBerry was on a treadmill at home when television showed the first edition of the iPhone was released. Steve Jobs was seen waving the iPhone made of glass proudly.

The first iPhone was able to download music, videos and display maps, which surprised Lazaridis. "How can they do that? This will cause the tissue to collapse," Lazaridis said at the time.

The next day, Lazaridis had a meeting with Jim Balsillie, another BlackBerry CEO. "Jim, I want you to take a look. They gave a full browser to the thing. Even though the operator doesn't allow us to do it on our product," said Lazaridis.

"Apple had a better deal. We were never allowed to do that. The US market would be tougher," Balsillie replied.

"They (Apple) are really good. This thing (iPhone) is different," replied Lazarids.

"It's ok, we'll be fine," said Balsillie confidently, that BlackBerry will still be successful even though the iPhone comes.

The reality says otherwise. Gradually the iPhone undermined the BlackBerry market. Not to mention a row of Android phones then came, making BlackBerry even more confused.

BlackBerry tried to compete with the BlackBerry Storm, but failed in the market. While their physical keyboard phones are then increasingly abandoned. Be BlackBerry down.

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