Crazy! 3 Yogya Youths Make Life Simulations on Planet Mars


Three youths in Yogyakarta namely Venzha Christ, Erix Soekamti and Grayce Soba built a live analog simulation on Mars called v.u.f.o.c Mars Analog Research Station (VMARS). The construction of VMARS in Kulon Progo is expected to increase knowledge and encourage the national space industry in Indonesia.

Venzha Christ, the initiator and space art activist from Yogyakarta, explained that VMARS should have been built and operated in 2021. However, due to the pandemic, the construction of VMARS was delayed until this year.

"VMARS is planned to be built in the mountains of Kulon Progo, and will involve many parties, including local governments, academics, practitioners and the community," he told reporters, Tuesday (11/1/2022).

The man who is also the Director of the Indonesia Space Science Society (ISSS) continued, along with Erix Soekamti and Grayce Soba later to collaborate to realize the first stage or prototype of VMARS. He said there are 3 main things that will be the focus.

"The focus is on terraforming research under the name V-TF, introducing space farming under the name V-SFM, and creating alternative space food creations under the name V-SF," he said.

In detail, several interdisciplinary VMARS programs include radio astronomy research, recognizing celestial body radiation, creating alternative space food, space farming technology innovations and extra-terrestrial life research. According to him, this analog simulation of life on Planet Mars is also owned by several countries, and Indonesia is the first in Southeast Asia.

"VMARS will be the first in Southeast Asia. It (VMARS) is also the only space exploration program whose development and management is carried out and run jointly by various interdisciplinary communities," said Venzha.

Moreover, the plan to build the Mars VMARS simulation itself has been presented in Japan (Yokohama Triennale) and Thailand (Bangkok Art Biennale) in 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile this year VMARS will be presented in Korea (UNESCO Media Arts Creative City Platform), Taiwan and France.

Regarding the reason for inviting Erix Soekamti, Venzha revealed that Erix is ​​known as the initiator and founder of Does University, which is an alternative educational institution to increase interests and talents, collaboratively and free of charge. In addition, Erix provides various facilities and facilities for many young people who study there.

"Does University will also collaborate to support the development of VMARS and will be directly involved in various programs," he said.

Meanwhile, Grayce Soba is the owner and programmer of Soba Studio, a music studio with various programs and activities that are very active to help, and collaborate with many interdisciplinary musicians. With this collaboration, Venzha believes that VMARS will have many positive impacts for Indonesia.

"Through VMARS, it is hoped that Indonesia will be able to play a more active role in space exploration," he said.

"In addition, we are very confident that we can project the existence of VMARS to encourage the national space industry and the creative economy in the field of astronomy and space science in Indonesia," added Venzha about this Mars simulation.

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