Developers on the App Store Reach USD 60 billion a Year


Apple revealed that the revenue of application developers on the App Store has now reached more than USD 260 billion since the first App Store opened in 2008.

Compared to January 2021 data, this total revenue increased by USD 60 billion, because in January 2021 the total revenue of developers on the App Store was USD 200 billion.

This means that in a year the income of application developers in the App Store reaches USD 60 billion, as quoted by us from The Verge, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

Apple also said revenue growth between Christmas Eve 2021 and New Year's Eve 2021 grew in double digits, but Apple did not provide an exact figure for this growth.

Although the amount of income of application developers in the App Store looks very large, it is undeniable that the disappointment of the application developers in the App Store remains.

There are several complaints from developers about the system used by Apple, especially the 30% discount that Apple charges for every transaction made in the App Store, as well as various strict regulations applied by Apple.

Currently, Apple is still at odds on the Green Table with Epic Games, which accuses the company with the kroak apple logo of carrying out a monopoly regarding payment methods on the App Store.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Roger has indeed found both parties guilty in the case, namely Epic Games which violated the agreement with Apple, and Apple which is required to allow developers to use payment methods outside the App Store for their applications.

But the decision was later postponed in an appeal court, which allowed Apple to still enforce the use of their payment system on the App Store.

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