Don't be lazy to install WhatsApp Aero, first identify the dangers


WhatsApp Aero has recently been buzzing about. This application does provide a variety of interesting features. But on the other hand, the dangers of WhatsApp Aero cannot be ruled out.

Basically, WhatsApp Aero is a MOD application, aka it has been modified from the original version. The only official WhatsApp application is made by Meta and there is no other application except WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Aero was released in 2019 and was developed by Hazar Bozkurt from Turkey. Functionally, this Aero has been modified with additional premium features.

The features in WhatsApp Aero have been updated and have some differences from the original WhatsApp. But the basic system still adopts the original version.

In addition, Android devices that will use WhatsApp Aero must be rooted first. However, this rooting process is quite risky and endangers the device.

It's the same for iOS devices too. You have to do a jailbreak such as rooting which aims to expand features and improve device performance.

WhatsApp Aero does have some interesting features. For example, if the message deleting feature in the original WhatsApp can be used at any time, then on WhatsApp Aero users can install Anti-Delete Messages so that the message is not easily deleted.

The features found in the original WhatsApp are also in this WhatsApp Aero. But again, it's not at all recommended to download and use WhatsApp Aero, it's better to just use the official version.

The reason is that the WhatsApp Aero application is, after all, made by a third party and does not get permission from WhatsApp. There is no guarantee of security when using it and may also be banned by WhatsApp. It is possible that this application is also vulnerable to malware attacks.

So, be wise in making decisions about WhatsApp Aero, OK!

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