Get to know Humidifier Technology in Sharp Air Purifier


Without realizing it, the air we breathe in a room is not always healthy. For that, it is necessary to maintain the clarity and humidity of the air in it. Moreover, the room is equipped with Air Conditioner (AC) facilities, such as office space and bedrooms.

A room with air conditioning facilities needs to be considered for its humidity level. Because, the lack of air humidity will have an impact on health problems such as dry mucous membranes of the eyes, dry skin and respiratory surfaces. Meanwhile, a room with air humidity that is too high can also provoke viruses and bacteria to multiply quickly, which is harmful to health.

To solve the problem of humidity, Sharp presents a dual-function air purifier equipped with humidifier technology on the KI-L80Y-T type. Not only purifying the air, the air purifier also has the ability to maintain humidity in the room.

The best humidity recommendation from Sharp's research is 60%. At this level of humidity, the growth of viruses, fungi, and bacteria is suppressed so that they cannot reproduce and spread. This humidity level also shows good results to prevent transmission of the corona virus in droplets.

Reporting from the official Sharp website, based on simulation results in one case, someone coughing in an area with 60% humidity produces a much less number of droplet particles and sticks directly to the surface. Meanwhile, at a humidity level of 30%, more droplet particles remain floating and suspended in the air.

"To prevent viral infection, it is important to keep the room area at a relative humidity level of around 60% with humidification, so as to prevent the human respiratory tract mucosa from drying out, maintain immune function, and to suppress the effectiveness of the spread of the virus. However, while the area with a relative humidity of 60 % reduced the number of droplet particles suspended in the air and adhering to the surface of objects," said Hironori Yoshiyama, Professor, Department of Microbiology, Shimane University School of Medicine, as quoted from Sharp's official website.

"In this verification, Plasmacluster technology significantly inactivated SARS-CoV-2 contained in droplets adhered to various surfaces under conditions of 60% humidity in which the physiological protective function was maintained. Recent results also demonstrate the ability of Plasmacluster Ions to suppress viral strain variants, which can be applied to new variants that have the potential to emerge in the future," he added.

The Sharp Air Purifier KI-L80Y-T is a complete package technology supported by various advantages. In addition to being equipped with humidifier technology that is able to maintain humidity, this type of air purifier from Sharp is also supported by Plasmacluster technology which is able to purify the air.

Plasmacluster technology generates and emits positive and negative ions similar to those that occur in nature. Highly concentrated levels of Plasmacluster ions have been shown to purify the air, remove odors, moisturize facial skin, and reduce static electricity in small particulate dust.

The sophistication of Sharp's air purifier, one of which is Plasmacluster technology, has also been trusted by various parts of the world, including being ranked number one in Japan and ASEAN. It has been proven that since its introduction from 2000 to 2019, Sharp has succeeded in reaching 80 million sales units. Sharp's excellence was also proven by getting the 2019 Top Brand award.

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