Holding Oppo Find N on the market, beware of temptation!


After being launched late last year in China, we had the opportunity to hold the Oppo Find N in the market. Watch it carefully, it can make you tempted.

Front view of the Oppo Find N. The screen size is 5.49 inches.

Display Oppo Find N on the back.

Once the inside is about to be opened.

The inside screen size is 7.1 inches.

When compared to the iPad Mini screen.

At the bottom there is a USB Type C port and a SIM card tray.

The outer hinge has the words Designed For Find.

When folded the thickness is 15.9 mm.

There are three cameras on the back with sizes of 50 MP, 16 MP and 13 MP.

Can use the camera when folded so no need to use a tripod.

Speaking of hinges, Oppo puts together 136 components with extreme precision of up to 0.01 mm, ensuring the hinge works as smoothly as the joints in the human body. Oppo's unique waterdrop hinge design was created to solve some of the biggest problems with foldable devices.

The design is able to widen the fold angle of the screen and offers support when folded. As a result, folds are minimal by up to 80%, making them less visible compared to other devices.

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