It's really easy, this is how to win in Mobile Legends Rank


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. It has millions of active players, who enjoy it every day.

This game presents a variety of game modes, ranging from Classic, Brawl, Ranked and many more. Every gamer, try hard enough to get victory, either to make the hero win rate has a high percentage or raise the tier level.

As in the Ranked mode, where each player will get a star or point, in the match won. The more often you win, the faster the journey to the highest tier. So, how do you keep winning?

Here's a simple way so that you can win all the matches that are played, based on our experience and observations of playing them, Monday (10/1/2022).

How to Win Ranked Mobile Legends

Find friends to play with, at least three people including you. Because if there are two it's a bit difficult and if there are five, the greater the chance to meet a more reliable opponent.

Use meta heroes. But if the situation doesn't support it, because it's banned by your opponent or by your own team, then use your favorite hero.

Don't forget to cover up the shortcomings in the team and avoid being selfish in choosing a hero.

Avoid toxic treatment or the like, which can damage teamwork.

Always pay attention to the mini map. Because it could be, teammates are in the gang. If this happens, get help right away.

Play as best you can. Avoid excessive dead. Because it can support the opponent's hero getting stronger.

If these basics can be done well, then the chances of winning are even greater. You can even practice it while streaming.

Because sometimes, the more wins, the more the audience can be sure of the player's ability to process all kinds of roles. The rest, how to entertain in the middle of the game. Remember, streamers are not only educational, they are entertaining.

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