NASA scientists openly search for giant alien buildings

 The search for living beings or aliens beyond Earth is intensified. The NASA space agency and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute also hope that there will be a bright spot.

Research conducted by SETI is to scan space for traces of light or radio signals as indications of aliens. But apart from that, they also seem to be looking for bigger objects, especially so-called alien mega buildings or structures.

"Those things are basically artificial structures built by intelligent civilizations with the intention of perhaps collecting energy," said Ann Marie Cody, a NASA and SETI scientist who was quoted by us from Futurism, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

"We observe thousands and even millions of stars, take image after image, then we translate that image into a sequence of stellar brilliance over time," he said.

Every time an object such as a planet crosses the star, it will cause a flicker. In this way an exoplanet can be tracked.

The same method is also used to hunt down structures made by aliens. "If there is an artificial mega structure, then it has the potential to give rise to unique distinct signatures," he added.

So far, no sign of such a structure has been found. But if one day it was found, Ann said she would not hide it but immediately announced it to the public.

One theory regarding the structure of a large alien is the Dyson Sphere or Dyson Ball. Super advanced alien civilizations could theoretically create massive structures called Dyson Balls around black holes, to attract their energy, which is 100 thousand times that of the Sun.

The Dyson sphere could theoretically be built on an object such as a star to better get its energy. It is depicted that the Dyson Ball is composed of a network of satellites revolving around an energy source.

Human technology has not been able to make it so that in theory, a super advanced alien civilization that can create it, which is called a Type II or Type III civilization.

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