Netizens Can't Believe Nagita Slavina's 61 Seconds Video


Some time ago Nagita Slavina had gone viral and was widely discussed because there was an exciting video similar to her with a duration of 61 seconds.

This news was immediately denied by Raffi Ahmad's husband and Nagita Slavina herself. Raffi immediately spilled anger.

"This has been everywhere, I need clarification when it comes to my wife. It's not Gigi. Gigi is crazy like that," said Raffi Ahmad.

About three dollars with Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina also denied the news. He admitted that he never recorded anything.

"I don't know, I've never recorded anything like that," said Nagita Slavina.

Monitored on social media such as TikTok, Twitter to Instagram, many netizens do not believe in the video, they are sure that it is not a Nagita Slavina.

Many believe it was just an edit from someone who wanted to bring down Nagita Slavina's good name. Netizens also support Nagita if they believe it's not her. Nagita Slavina herself in the eyes of netizens is a strong woman, wife and mother who loves her family.

"Calm down, Ms. Gigi, we all don't believe it," wrote @fritxxx

"Just report the edit, the brain has gone crazy," wrote @djg

"I've seen the video, the original fix is ​​really sure it's not Nagita" wrote @ggexxx

"That's not Nagita, I saw at 14 seconds she doesn't look like Nagita, it's really been a bad edit," wrote @pengenpxxx

"It's impossible that it's really an edit, just report it," wrote @tsljtexxx

"I'm annoyed that it looks edited," wrote @djlfkjadxxxx

"Be patient, mama Gigi, netizens are smart, how come they don't believe it easily," wrote @kjadfxxx

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