Netizens Excitement Hunting Viral Maggot Video Links on TikTok


Social media TikTok was shocked with a viral video showing maggots coming out of the vagina during intercourse.

However, many health experts state that this is impossible, one of which is Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, SpOG, MARS who asserts that maggots only live by consuming dead tissue or carrion.

Even in sexually transmitted diseases, there are never maggots in the vagina.

However, even though many netizens claim to be horrified, amused, and frightened, in fact they are still curious to watch the video and even look for the video link on social media. Even though the video is not worth watching.

The curiosity of netizens is often made even more curious because the links that are spread on social media are not the actual links. But there are also netizens who suggest not to watch it for those who haven't watched the maggot video.

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As we monitored on Twitter, these netizens also gave various comments whether after or not seeing the video.

"#the viral maggot video right now, those who haven't watched it, don't watch it, you'll regret it," wrote @fenfenxxx

"sorry curious maggot video"

"Because I watched the video of maggots, I just felt amused when I wanted to pee. Repentance is really good." write @ererxxx

"Curious about the maggot video," wrote an account.

"Those who have videos of maggots, my curiosity is piqued." write @abdulxxx

"I swear it turned out to be a maggot video, is that girl a corpse?"

"Am I the only one who's flat looking at #maggots videos?" write @aiumxx

"I regret watching the video, aka the maggot one. It's really amused." write @mklxxx

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