Nostalgia features the superior Blackberry in his day


As of January 4, 2022 yesterday, BlackBerry officially disabled its operating system, including BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 7.1, or more older.

There are several features, advantages, or iconic things from cellphones with OS made in Research In Motion. What's wrong?


Blackberry Messenger or BBM, on the case, this is a very popular message sending network. The users need to exchange pins in order to enter the contact list. Because of the popularity, it seems that many people deliberately buy and use BlackBerry phones only to use BBM.

Ping !!!

Mention fuel is certainly incomplete without this ping feature. Actually this feature is used to 'call' friends via BBM. Of course, this feature is often misused by sending ping repeatedly until the phones of the recipient vibrate do not lie.

Now, the habit of 'terrorizing' friend chat seems to decline to other message sharing platform users. It's just that, the shape is simpler, just type the letter "P", but is sent over and over again.

The physical keyboard is probably a very iconic blackberry heritage. Popularized by Blackberry, and then participated in 'dead' with the Blackberry, because there were very few other cellphone manufacturers who then buried the physical keyboard on their devices.


Well, this is one of the 'features' of BlackBerry which is really old school. Before using a trackpad, the trackball is a means of navigation on a BlackBerry phone. It's just that this trackpad saves a big problem, which is easily dirty.

As a result, eucalyptus oil is one of the mainstays of Blackberry users to clean the trackball. Although actually, it's better to use 70% alcohol.

Twitter for BlackBerry

In the past, there might be a prestige for Facebook and Twitter users who used BlackBerry to post content to the social media. Because, posts originating Facebook and Twitter for BlackBerry applications will be labeled special in their posts, namely Twitter for Blackberry and Facebook for Blackberry.

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