Repost feature on TikTok will be similar to Retweet on Twitter


TikTok is piloting a Repost feature that allows users to share videos they find with their followers. Apparently this new feature will be slightly similar to the Retweet feature on Twitter.

This new feature has been reported before, and social media consultant Matt Navarra has also uploaded a photo of the Repost button on the TikTok application. This time TechCrunch reports on how this feature works in more detail.

This Repost button will appear on the Share icon in the panel on the right of the screen. The Share icon is also a place where users can send videos directly to their friends or upload them to other social media.

Unlike Retweets on Twitter, reposted TikTok videos will not appear on users' profiles. This video will only appear in the user's friend's For You feed.

In addition, the Repost button will not appear in all parts of TikTok. This button will only be available on videos you find in the For You feed. This means that this button will not appear in videos that you find on the Discover page or that are sent by message.

Reposted videos will also only appear in other users' feeds if they are mutual with the user who reposted the video. TikTok is currently testing the Repost feature with a handful of users.

"We are always thinking of new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. Currently, we are experimenting with new ways for people to share the TikTok videos they enjoy," said a TikTok spokesperson, as quoted by Cnet.

Currently TikTok users who want to share videos have several options, namely sending them to their friends directly via messages or with Stitch or Duet videos.

But it does require users to contribute, for example by reacting or adding something to the clip. With the Repost button, TikTok users will certainly find it easier to share videos with their followers without the need to edit or create their own content.

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