Riot Games Introduces Neon, the New Agent of Valorant


Riot Games recently announced a new Valorant agent called Neon. Having the ability to sprint and slide, he will join the battle for gamers on January 11, 2022.

"Welcome to Valorant, Neon. Our newest agent from Manila, dashed into the game with Episode 4: Disruption. Get ready," wrote Valorant , quoted by us from social media, Monday (10/1/2022).

This they leaked through a video trailer on Youtube Official Valorant, showing some of his skills in throwing electric balls. Including creating a towering wall on both sides, as a form of protection against enemy attacks.

Neon's ultimate ability in Valorant is the power of electricity, which allows him to shoot this power from his fingers. It's just not known how much or how much damage it can cause later.

Regarding the skills he has, it is more or less in line with other agents. Neon has at least 3 skills and 1 ultimate, which can be used to attack and kill his opponent during a fierce battle.

Valorant's Newest Neon Agent Skill

High Gear (E)

Neon transmits a bioelectric charge into its leg muscles, with the advantage of being able to shoot and run fast.

Relay Bolt (Q)

It will throw a kind of ball of energy and can bounce once on the surface. Then causes a vibration that stuns the opponent.

Fast Lane (C)

Here Neon can release energy from both hands, with the aim of creating two blue walls on the right and left. This serves to block the opponent's vision.

Overdrive (X)

The neon will unleash its full power and bring the entire bioelectric charge to its fingertips. Then issued a bolt of lightning that can electrocute any opponent.

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