Samsung Smart TVs Will Support NFT Transactions


2021 seems to be the year of popularity of NFT (Non Fungible Token), no wonder many technology companies are interested in adopting it.

One of them is a technology giant from South Korea, namely Samsung, which will launch a smart TV with support for NFT transactions.

Reported by us from Engadget, Tuesday (4/1/2022) Samsung announced that this NFT-enabled smart TV will be exhibited at CES 2022.

The TV will be available with Samsung MicroLed, Neo QLED and The Frame models allowing users to browse and purchase NFT directly from their device.

The platform pulls NFT from multiple markets, so users can preview the art and see other relevant details, such as who created the work, as well as relevant blockchain metadata.

Those who already have NFT can also use the platform to showcase their collections.

Samsung notes that Smart Calibration technology can automatically adjust TV settings to match the original manufacturer's specifications to ensure the image displayed on the TV is as accurate as possible.

More specifically, Samsung also brings features to its smart TVs that support NFT. Samsung will launch an NFT explorer and TV-based market aggregator for the first time in the world, as quoted from The Verge.

The platform will allow creators to share their art with the world community and will also allow buyers to preview before purchasing the artwork. Potential buyers can also learn about the history of NFT and blockchain metadata on this Samsung smart TV.

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