South Korea Asks Google & Apple To Remove Money-Making Games



Apple and Google have been asked by the South Korean government to block Play to Earn games on their respective stores.

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are very popular right now and have a bigger presence since early 2021. These games allow players to earn money for their in-game activities and are very popular in Asia.

There are reports that some players can make a lot of money from this game, which is starting to attract the attention of the government.

Reported by us from BeinCrypto, Friday (12/31/2021) according to reports from local media the government has ordered Google and Apple not to allow the release of money-making games until further inspection. South Korea is reportedly also currently starting to monitor blockchain-based games.

The Game Management Committee under the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism sent a letter to certain operators to block the distribution of the game.

They intended to do this blocking by preventing the app from being registered in the first place, therefore requests were made to Apple and Google.

However, this is not a total ban, these games can still be released but they must first receive a rating from the Game Management Committee. And the latter would look at things like age ratings. The Games Committee has canceled this year's classification of 15 blockchain-based games.

The latest move by the South Korean government to phase out play-to-earn games is just one more move by the authorities to impose control over the crypto market. The country has been one of the most active in terms of regulation.

Among the actions South Korea is taking are taxation schemes, banning privacy coins, and requiring exchanges to receive official certification.

Crypto users in South Korea are hoping there will be resistance to the elimination of play-to-earn games. However, it seems unlikely the government will reverse the decision.