TikTok Trend Makes iPod Shuffle Popular


The iPod Shuffle, a special tool for music players made by Apple, is back in popularity after a long period of retirement. This is thanks to TikTok users who make the iPod Shuffle a new fashion trend.

Launching from 9to5mac a few weeks ago, TikTok users started sharing clips by using the second generation iPod shuffle as a hair clip.

The second, third, and fourth generation iPod shuffles all have clips built-in and are available in a variety of vibrant colors making them suitable as hair accessories especially for most women.

The first video to enter the social network from the @sailorkiki account has now been viewed more than 2 million times and almost 350,000 likes.

@sailorkiki My new favorite accessory #ipodnano #JBLGreekOut #alphit ♬ Wet Dream - Wet Leg

Interestingly, there are millennial users who follow the trend and share video clips with the iPod Shuffle but admit that they don't know what an iPod is, so they just follow the trend.

This also led older TikTok users to comment on the funny comments on the video where there was a huge generational difference. This video has been watched millions of times with hundreds of thousands of likes.

@freckenbats such a cute accessory #vintage #antique #oldelectronics #2000score #2000s ♬ Toxic - Britney Spears

There's no doubt that Apple's older products especially the iPod have seen a high level of interest as nostalgia grows for those older generations.

It should be noted that the iPod Shuffle was officially discontinued in 2017 and currently, the only iPod that Apple still sells is the iPod Touch.

But the iPod shuffle model that seems to be the most popular is the second generation. The pastel colors from September 2007 seem to be the most popular at the moment with the more vibrant tones from early 2007 and late 2008 taking their place behind.

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