Tips for Choosing an Air Purifier to Keep the Air in the Room Clean


Air Purifier is currently one of the most important needs for the community. The current bad condition of the air makes the need for an Air Purifier like a basic need. Moreover, the spread and mutation of the virus is still happening today.

Talking about the Air Purifier, in general there are 3 main features that can be selected according to user needs. The first feature is the Air Purifier with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) Filter technology. Launching WebMD, the HEPA Filter is a type of mechanical air filter that can filter harmful fine particles such as animal hair, cigarette smoke, and dust to an invisible size. The HEPA recommendation is HEPA with class H-13.

Second, Air Purifier with Plasmacluster feature which is able to produce positive ions and negative ions, turning into OH radicals which function to paralyze viruses and bacteria, create water particles and return them to the air. Not only that, this ion also functions to reduce pollutants, bacteria, fungi, cigarette smoke, and other harmful particles so that the air becomes more sterile and cool.

Even Plasmacluster technology has also been proven to reduce COVID-19 virus infections. This is evidenced by the research of Professor Hironori Yoshiyama from the Department of Microbiology, Shimane University School of Medicine, Professor Shigeru Watanabe, Meikai University School of Health Sciences, and Professor Masashi Yamakawa, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology.

"To prevent viral infection, it is important to keep the room area at a relative humidity level of around 60% with humidification. However, while an area with a relative humidity of 60% reduces the number of droplet particles suspended in the air and adhering to the surface of objects," Professor Hironori was quoted as saying. Sharp's official statement.

"In this verification, Plasmacluster technology significantly inactivated SARS-CoV-2 contained in droplets adhered to various surfaces under conditions of 60% humidity in which the physiological protective function was maintained. Recent results also demonstrate the ability of Plasmacluster Ions to suppress viral strain variants, which can be applied to new variants that have the potential to appear in the future," he added.

Third, is the Air Purifier feature with Carbon Active Filter. Unlike the HEPA Filter, this filter is a cleaning filter using carbon granules that are made into a filter. This filter functions to filter chemicals in the air and eliminate odors in the room.

In addition to these three important features, the Air Purifier with other additional features is a mosquito trap feature. This feature has high suction power and is equipped with glue paper that functions as a mosquito trap.

Even more sophisticated, some Air Purifiers currently also have additional features, namely sensors that can monitor air conditions, dust and humidity in the room. In fact, currently the Air Purifier is also equipped with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature with IoT (Internet of Things) or AIoT which makes it easy for users to monitor and control the Air Purifier via a smartphone anytime and anywhere.

All of these features can be found in the Sharp Air Purifier which is equipped with Plasmacluster technology which is proven to suppress mold growth and neutralize odors from food, cigarette smoke, and pets.

Sharp's Air Purifier also incorporates Plasmacluster Ion technology and Three Step Filtration, which is 3 steps of air filtration. First, through a pre-filter that will catch large dust particles, then a deodorizing filter to neutralize unpleasant odors, and a HEPA filter that can filter 99.97% of dust with microscopic particles in the air.

Some Sharp Air Purifier models are also equipped with AIoT to monitor indoor air quality remotely through the Sharp Air App. Sharp also provides several Air Purifiers with mosquito trap technology or Mosquito Catcher. This technology is equipped with a sticky glue sheet that is able to attract mosquitoes with UV rays, a black body, and narrow gaps.

In addition, Sharp also offers various types that can be adapted to the size of the room. Thus, the Air Purifier can work optimally and keep the air clean so that you are free to move in the room.

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