Tips for Choosing a Hero to Play in Mobile Legends Rank Mode


Keep in mind, that getting a win when playing in Mobile Legends rank mode, is not just a luck factor. But there is considerable effort in obtaining it.

Starting from having reliable teammates or high game mechanics, from players who understand how to play various heroes. It's just that, not everyone wants to bother to learn it. But at least, ineters must understand how to choose a hero to use in battle.

Well this time, our team has summarized simple tips regarding choosing the right hero. So as not to harm yourself and your teammates.

Tips for Choosing a Hero in Mobile Legends Rank

First this is only optional, make sure you master all heroes first. Including knowing every counter of the character used by the opponent.

Avoid using newly purchased heroes and you only play once or twice in Classic.

If you still want to use it, try to master all the abilities you have. Both passive and active skills. Can try it in practice or Classic mode.

Don't buy heroes who are often banned in rank.

See references from professional players. Pro players often have a better point of view when choosing a hero, including the build item.

Finally, determine your role. If you prefer fighter, support, tank or other then study all the heroes listed in that category.

In addition to pro players, there are also streamers who often share this information. Ineters can gain various kinds of knowledge, related to playing strategies or choosing the right item.

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