Whoops! Flight Simulator Game Becomes Garuda Aircraft Hoax Video Material

 Hoax videos circulated on the internet, related to the Garuda Indonesia plane which was having difficulty landing. In fact, it's a snippet from a simulator game called X-Plane 11.

From our search, Tuesday (11/1/2022) the short 37-second video that was spread in cyberspace was taken from a gamer's Youtube channel named Bopbibun. In his account, he often publishes content about this plane simulator game by Laminar Research.

For the original show itself, it is about 7 minutes 13 seconds and contains various kinds of emergency landing events. Where it has been uploaded since May 2, 2020. Even the Youtuber has given a statement in the description, that what he shows is not a real event.

"This is only a flight simulation. The situation in it is not real. Everything in this video does not happen in real life. Because the situation is just a show, which I tried in flight simulation," wrote Bopbibun, quoted by us from Youtube.

However, there are still Indonesian netizens who believe that this is a reality. This happened on the bluebird social media platform, namely Twitter. Along with the uploaded video, one of the Twitter accounts provided an additional misleading caption, "Garuda Indonesia incident in Iran. Hope all is well."

Suddenly the post reaped various reactions from other Twitter users. However, most of them asserted that what was displayed was a hoax.

X-Plane 11 itself is a Flight Simulator game available for PC. Released on March 30, 2017, gamers can get it on Steam. Here players will act like a professional pilot who flies planes.

If you want to play it, make sure you have a decent PC spec. At least powered by Intel Core i3 and Windows 7 64-bit installed. Then have 8 GB of RAM, through support for NVIDIA graphics cards or AMD 512 MB of VRAM. Finally, make sure to prepare 20GB of storage space.

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