Xiaomi's Strategy for 2022: Launch High-end Devices and AIoT


Xiaomi has a new strategy for welcoming 2022, to build on their achievements during 2021.

These strategies include bringing high-end products to the market after 2021 with the best products from mobile phones and AIoT such as Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, RedmiBook 15, and Xiaomi Pad 5.

Likewise, plans to deliver new retail experiences involve AIoT products as an education to consumers about the benefits of a smart lifestyle.

There are four main strategies for Xiaomi in 2022 as a smart choice for Xiaomi Fans, namely strengthening the high-end product portfolio, delivering the AIoT retail experience, ensuring the separation of the Xiaomi and Poco brands, and strengthening the regional market.

Xiaomi also confirmed the separation from Poco which announced itself as an independent brand in January 2021. Xiaomi and Poco will operate with different strategies and approaches although they still share infrastructure such as after-sales service, manufacturing, and quality control.

Strengthening the regional market is Xiaomi's strategy to be implemented in 2022, by increasing retail presence in more places so that it is easier to get mobile and AIoT products.

Likewise, the after-sales network makes it easier to get services that pamper users. Do not miss more people who will be recruited to work on the regional market.

Throughout 2021, Xiaomi achieved a number of achievements such as presenting high-end products including a new category of AIoT products in the form of laptops and tablets, strengthening its retail presence with 400+ Xiaomi Stores including Xiaomi Shops, as well as 4000+ Xiaomi Preferred Partners worldwide.

Likewise, after-sales service includes service points around the world that will make it easier for users.

The most historic achievement, of course, is to become the number 1 mobile phone brand in the market in Q2 2021 with a market share of 28% and the fastest growth of 112% year-on-year.

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