Toge Productions Unveils New Trailer for Game A Space for the Unbound


Toge Productions, an Indonesian game developer, has finally revealed a new trailer for A Space for the Unbound. Including another title, namely Vanaris Tactics. However, there is no news regarding the launch date yet.

"Both of these games will be released in 2022. But we don't have a definite date that we can announce yet," Johana Tanoto, PR & Communications Toge Productions told us, Sunday (27/3/2022).

Johana added that the month itself has not yet been determined. According to his explanation, the two new titles are still in the development stage and there is no definite date when they will visit gamers.

Then based on a short video shared on the Toge Productions Youtube channel, A Space for the Unbound, will launch on several platforms. Starting from PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Meanwhile, Vanaris Tactics is only available for PC users.

In order to introduce it to the general public, this local developer based in Tangerang, participated in The MIX at the 10th Anniversary Showcase. Where the organizers will show various trailers, as well as new announcements and executives about indie games from around the world.

A little information, A Space for the Unbound is an adventure game, with pixel art style visuals. Here, Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions bring the story of two lovebirds who have supernatural powers.

It is known that the developer inserted a place setting inspired by a small village in Indonesia in the 90s. Meanwhile, Vanaris Tactics tells the story of Morgana and her struggle to find freedom outside the walls of Vanaris.

Accompanied by his brother Nigel and nephew Adrien, the three must flee from their hometown. Currently, Vanaris Tactics is participating in the GOG Game Festival Spring Edition. So gamers can try the demo until April 4.

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