5 Tips to Build a Super Comfortable 'Mini Cinema' at Home

 Having a special room that is used as a home theater or mini cinema at home is a movie fan's dream. Especially if the atmosphere of the small cinema is adjusted to the owner's favorite movie so that it is more comfortable.

Therefore, there are several things to consider before planning to build a mini cinema at home. This is important so that the quality and experience of watching movies in it is more optimal like in a real cinema.

Quoted from thespruce, here are tips for building a super comfortable home theater room at home.

1. Provide a Special Room

To build a home theater at home, you must provide a room specifically used for watching videos on a large screen. A spare room can be the right choice to become a private home theater room.

But you have to pay attention to the distance of the viewer from the screen, especially if you are using a video projector. At least it takes a distance of about 35 cm to produce a 381 cm diagonal image.

2. Adjust Lighting

Ambient light or light coming from outside sources around the home theater should be avoided. Such as light coming from a window, under or around a door, or from artificial lighting in a room.

In a home theater room, you have to minimize as much light as possible into the room. Light-bleed or light leaks can interfere with video projection so that viewing activities will be less than optimal.

3. Determine Room Color Options

Home theater lighting can be controlled using dark wall paint on the walls of the room. A dark ceiling near the screen can also support a home theater.

In addition, bright colors can reflect light. So, you have to adjust the color of the ceiling with gray or neutral colors.

4. Ambient Sound Control

As is known, home theater audio often bounces around walls, ceilings, and floors. To get good audio, you have to reduce sound reflections such as avoiding glass-based materials.

In addition, several ways to reduce other sound reflections are using a carpet from the wall to the wall of the home theater room. You can choose a bench, soft cushions, curtains and other soft materials to absorb the reflected sound.

5. Choose the Right Audio Device

When building a personal home theater, choosing the right supporting devices must also be considered. You can choose a flat screen television or video projector that suits your home theater condition.

Then most importantly, you must prepare the best sound system to support the viewing experience in your personal home theater.

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