Tips to Save Battery for Android and iPhone Cellphones for Home Trips


HP may be one of the important devices for various needs when going home, especially during the Eid trip. This is a series of tips to save battery so that the cellphone can still be turned on during the trip.

During the trip home, HP has various roles that are quite important. Such as a means of navigation, entertainment, and of course communication. That's why it's quite important to keep the cellphone operating during the homecoming trip.

Here are 7 tips for saving HP battery when traveling back and forth:

1. Enable Power Saving Mode

This is the easiest way to keep the battery consumption from being excessive. Each cellphone has different settings, from those that are just active - inactive, to those that have various modes, such as medium to optimum. Just choose according to your needs.

2. Turn off unnecessary apps

The application on the cellphone remains active in the background even after it has been removed. To limit it, go to Settings, then Apps, select the app you want to restrict, then select Battery and press the Restrict in the Background option.

3. Activate Airplane Mode when the cellphone is not in use

Being on a trip at a relatively high speed (car, train, or otherwise) makes HP work hard to find a signal from one BTS to another. So, when the phone is not in use, it's a good idea to just turn on airplane mode.

You can also use other devices (if you have one) to access the internet, for example MiFi or it can be another cellphone that is not used. That way, the main cellphone will consume less power because it only uses WiFi.

4. Use Black Wallpaper

This is specifically for phones with AMOLED screens. Yes, AMOLED screens will actually turn off their pixels when displaying black (black, yes, not gray or other dark colors). So, the more black parts of the screen, the more efficient the power consumption will be.

5. Turn off Notifications and Auto Sync

How to turn off auto sync for Android is to go to Settings - Accounts then turn off the Auto sync data option. Then the easiest way to turn off notifications is to activate Do Not Disturb mode.

6. Reduce screen lock time

For those of you who are used to using automatic screen locking with a rather long duration (eg 2 minutes and above), it might be better to lower the setting to, for example 15 seconds, when going home. The goal is of course to save power consumption, because the screen will turn off faster when not in use.

7. Turn off Vibration

To make your smartphone vibrate when you get a notification, it turns out that it requires a lot of battery power. This is because your device must drive a special motor to make the smartphone vibrate. So it is highly recommended to disable vibration if you want to save battery.

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