Without Additional Applications, Here's How To Change WhatsApp Fonts So Anti-mainstream and Adorable!

 Since its appearance in 2009, WhatsApp has come to give a new color to the ranks of chat applications or instant messengers. Not only that, the presence of WhatsApp also makes it easy for many people to send long-distance messages.

Every time, WhatsApp updates the features they have. Since its launch 13 years ago, WhatsApp has added dozens of features that make it easier for users. Starting from the chat feature to other supporting features, such as telephone and location sharing.

However, did you know? Among the many features that WhatsApp provides, you can still bring sophistication from the outside to make WhatsApp look lively, you know. One of them is to change the font without additional applications.

The font in question is not the font from WhatsApp itself, yes. It's the font of the message or conversation you send to the recipient. If changing fonts usually requires a third-party application, this time, we have another, easier way to get it.

You don't need to download additional font applications either, you know. Now there are several font generator websites that provide the feature of changing fonts directly from the browser. One of them is the Metatags website, for example.

Go to the Metatags page;

Type the word or sentence you want in the generator field;

Choose the type of font you want

Copy words or sentences with the font you want;

Open WhatsApp and select the contact you want to send the message to;

Paste in the conversation column;


Very easy, right? The website provides more than 40 types of fonts that you can choose to your heart's content. Besides being able to be copied to WhatsApp, the font can also be copied to Instagram, you know. That way, the appearance of your WhatsApp chat will be anti-mainstream and adorable. Good luck!

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