China Wants To Build Dams In Two Years - Use Robots And 3D Printing, Without Manpower

 China now plans to build a separate dam in two years, without using human labor. Instead, China will rely on the use of 3D printing, artificial intelligence and the use of robots in construction.

With this dam, it is expected to be able to generate 5 billion kilowatt hours of energy annually for use in China. In fact, the construction of this dam is also expected to be the largest construction using 3D printing.

The Yangqu Dam is expected to be 180-meters high, and built one layer after another using a variety of technologies-including unmanned trucks and bulldozers.

The use of artificial intelligence is also expected to reduce error rates - in addition to doing revisions as each layer after layer is built.

If this project is successful, it is not impossible for it to be a benchmark, thus opening the transition to development and construction without the need for as many human beings as before.

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