Elon Musk Confirms To Unblock Donald Trump's Twitter

 Elon Musk has said once the Twitter acquisition process is complete, he will allow Donald Trump to return to the social media. According to Musk banning or blocking Trump from Twitter forever is a bad decision.

Flashback to the chaos of Trump and Twitter, the platform with the blue bird logo permanently banned Trump from using Twitter in January 2021. This was done because Trump was considered provocative.

The 45th President of the United States committed repeated violations of Twitter's content rules, and his tweets are likely to encourage and inspire people to imitate the criminal acts that occurred during the riots at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Musk called the decision to ban Trump a mistake. "Obviously, I think it's a morally bad decision. And very stupid," he was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

The comments came just days after a San Francisco judge dismissed Trump's lawsuit against Twitter, which he accused of violating First Amendment rights by working as a state actor on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Trump was almost simultaneously banned on all social media, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Mainstream's social media platform worries that his tweets about alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election will risk incitement to further violence.

Musk struck a deal to buy Twitter last month for $44 billion. This move is believed by some users on the platform will mark a return to free discussion on Twitter that is more open, given the status of the world's richest person who claims to be a supporter of free speech.

However, Musk has reassured the worried government of his move, saying he has no intention of violating any laws that may be passed.

Meanwhile, Trump had previously insisted that he would not return to Twitter even if his account, which has about 89 million followers, was reinstated. He claims he will continue to use his own Truth Social platform.

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