LOL: Wild Rift Attacked by One Star by Gamers on Google Play

 League of Legends (LOL): Wild Rift, a game made by Riot Games, was suddenly attacked by one star on the Google Play Store. This has been happening since yesterday, May 10, 2022. So what's going on?

Based on our monitoring results from various sources, Wednesday (11/5/2022), some of which are through the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Fanpage and the LOL: Wild Rift page on the Google Play Store. It is known that this happened in the aftermath of a lawsuit filed by Riot Games against Moonton, related to plagiarism. Moonton is accused of plagiarizing LOL: Wild Rift to be used as development material for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

When referring to the application buying and selling applications owned by Google, a series of negative comments have been nested there. Many gamers give bad ratings, one of them by saying that this game is very bad or boring game.

"The game is baper, ML is just imitating the concept, it's called plagiarism. The players of this game are very excited," wrote one gamer.

"Useless game, useless developer, useless Riot," said another gamer.

The opposite has also been done by some gamers to the Mobile Legends game on the Google Play Store page. By saying inappropriate words in the comments column.

"Shameless developers. Directly copy skin designs from Riot Games," wrote the gamer.

"Trash game, copying Riot Games no originality," said another.

Ever since this news was made, bad ratings and negative comments are still raining down on League of Legends: Wild Rift. In fact, its rating has dropped to 2.9/5 stars, from 1 million reviews. It seems that the fans of the two competing games are indeed attacking each other.

A little information, that this has happened since Riot Games' decision to sue Moonton again. Because the video game giant based in America, found similarities in some content in Mobile Legends.

"Moonton's strategy is to imitate blatantly. When Riot updates the video game, Moonton will copy it. When Riot updates the promotional material for the game, Moonton copies it. And when Riot releases a new trailer, Moonton copies it," Riot said in the lawsuit.

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