Samsung ISOCELL HP3 200MP Camera Sensor Launched

 Last year the ISOCELL HP1 was launched as the first 200MP camera sensor for use on mobile devices. Today Samsung also launched the ISOCELL HP3 as their latest generation 200MP sensor. The difference between these two sensors is that the HP3 has a smaller pixel size of 0.56 μm and the physical size of the 1/1.4 ″ sensor which is 20% smaller than the HP1.

With the Tetra2pixel system sharp 50MP photos can be taken by the HP3. For a brighter night mode, it supports combining 16 pixels into one for a 12.5 MP picture. The sensor has also been improved to take faster pictures and more HDR.

The Super-QPD focusing system also according to Samsung speeds up the process of focusing images. Finally the sensor can pick up as many as 1 trillion colors (14-bit) which is an increase from just 68 billion colors (12-bit) on the HP1. The sensor will begin manufacturing this year with samples already available to be ordered by the manufacturer.

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