5 Products You Can Choose And Match Specially For Your Own Use


In this era we can already see how the needs and wants of each individual are different from each other clearly. This can be clearly seen through the purchasing patterns of young people today. So offering choose and match or "Mix & Match" is one of the good strategies to satisfy the consumer's taste. This is because we as consumers have the freedom to choose what we want and suit our daily needs.

Even if we order food at one of the fast food companies, we are already given the freedom to make some choices. We no longer have to choose sparkling water with fries. Instead we have the option to choose salad and juice as a side dish to the main menu. Likewise with other offers that can be modified according to our wishes. So without further ado, let's take a look at technology-related products that you can customize or customize for our daily use.

1. Keyboard

A custom keyboard is one of those computer accessories that you can customize to match its features based on your daily use needs. The type of keyboard switches, the sound it makes when typing, the typing experience and the design you want are some of the important factors in choosing a keyboard. Among the features that are often modified according to the wishes and needs of users are such as the type of key cover, switch and even the cable. For example, if you are a writer and work in an office, of course you are more suitable to use a silent keyboard, and if you are a hardcore gamer, a keyboard with more responsive switches will give you more overall satisfaction.

2. Mouse

A mouse is an accessory that is often used with a personal computer. But, did you know that now the mouse can also be customized according to your taste? This trend is seen to be increasing and will likely become a habit in the future. It's not just the appearance that can be modified, but more and more mice offer options to change switches, mouse weights and more.

3. Phone Protective Frame

In the past, the protective frame of the phone had only one use, which was to protect our smartphone. But now there are various types and designs of phone protective frames that we can get in the market. You can also customize it to match it with various other additional features such as match the protective frame of the phone with a card slot, wallet, built-in foot feature and so on.

4. Personal Computer

CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM. Once upon a time, these terms may have been very foreign to the general public but more and more people understand what each of these means, especially the more tech-savvy generation. Now, many brands of personal computer manufacturers offer options and flexibility for you to customize some components in the computer so that we can have a device designed specifically for our daily use.

5. Your Unlimited Prepaid Plan

How much is your monthly commitment each month for a telecom plan? Does the plan you subscribe to meet your needs and is it worth the price offered? And, are you making full use of all the offers that come with the telecom plan? If 2 of the answers are no, it's time to switch your subscription plan to Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid plan.

By simply subscribing to this new plan from Celcom Xpax, you have the flexibility to modify unlimited prepaid plans as you wish. This offer gives you the opportunity to save more because you only have to pay for what you need.

It's easy, you just have to choose the validity period of the plan you want, where you can choose a period of 5 days or up to 30 days. Match it with fast internet, whether you want to subscribe to a plan starting at RM20 per month with an 8GB internet quota or even up to 40GB or unlimited internet options.

Next, you can choose applications or add-ons that you often use such as unlimited calls, hotspots, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and the likes of PUBG, Garena and so on. All these add-ons can be subscribed for an additional price starting at RM3 only. After customizing this prepaid plan according to your needs and meeting your wishes, you can complete the subscription process by making a payment for it.


As we have seen, technology and telecommunication companies often strive to improve their services. Various types of products are now offered with the flexibility to modify and match additional features according to our needs and wants, and one of them is Celcom Xpax Mix & Match. With the ease of modifying this, it makes our purchase or subscription more worthwhile because we only have to pay for what we need. This ability also encourages us to save more.

In fact, Celcom has also been crowned as the telecommunications company that offers the best network in Malaysia for the last quarter of 2021 by Ookla, and IPSOS awarded Celcom as the Most Trusted Telecommunications Service Provider in 2021 for that year. So, with the abilities that Celcom offers to all of us, this is the best time to switch to Celcom's network, and continue to make Celcom the number one preferred network in Malaysia. Don't wait any longer and let's subscribe to the latest Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid plan now and customize it to your liking.

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