Apple Reportedly Will Delay the Introduction of iPadOS 16 to October


Usually, before this, Apple introduced iOS operating system updates for iPhone and iPadOS for iPad simultaneously at the same time. However, for this year, it is said that it may happen at a different time.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is expected to introduce the iOS 16 update for the iPhone in September. But, for iPad, it is delayed by a month, and iPad OS 16 is expected to be offered around October.

With these changes, iPad OS 16 is expected to be offered together with the introduction of new versions of macOS.

This delay is said to be due to the Stage Manager feature on the iPad which offers a brand new multi-tasking feature. It is said that there are some bugs in the feature, causing a delay to the introduction of iPad OS 16.

This change is also expected to change the method of simultaneous operating system identification that Apple has done over the years.

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