The History of the World's 'Outbreak' Penis Shrinking, The World Has Been Affected


In history, there are a number of accounts of horrendous plagues. Call it the dancing plague or the laughter plague. But did you know that there has also been a strange 'epidemic' that has hit a number of countries, namely the 'penis shrinking epidemic'.

Before it hit the world, the fear of penis shrinking was first reported in Singapore in 1969. At that time, a hoax was spreading which stated that swine flu could cause the penis to shrink.

From the terrible hoax, it was unexpected that many men in Singapore were running around in fear while 'guarding' their penises. Some tie their penises with strings, rubbers, whatever to keep them in size.

Launching Mothership, that fear is not real. The Singapore Medical Association (SMA) even held a press conference to prevent the unwarranted 'Koro Disease' concern.

As soon as the SMA and Singapore's Ministry of Health made the announcement, the number of people reporting Koro dropped sharply. Within a month, no more Koro cases were reported. In the end, there were more than 460 officially reported cases of Koro at the hospital.

The first case of Koro Disease occurred in 1895-1935. What is unique, instead of going to the media, is that some people choose traditional treatments such as shamans to 'restore penis size', which is actually not affected by anything.

The shaman then mixes ingredients from traditional oils, then massages it into the stomach area and stiffens. Traditional healers usually avoid massaging the penis area so that only the patient can do it.

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