Xiaomi HP users are getting ready, this is the leak of the new MIUI 14 features


Xiaomi is predicted to announce MIUI 14 in the near future. Ahead of its release, the new features that will be present in MIUI 14 were revealed through several screenshots.

This screenshot was uploaded by the Xiaomiui site. This information and screenshots are taken from the initial beta trial of MIUI 14 version 22.7.19. Of course MIUI 14 will be based on Android 13 whose stable version is predicted to be released next month.

From these screenshots, it can be seen that Xiaomi presents a new design in MIUI 14. Some of the default applications whose designs have been overhauled include App Vault, Gallery, and Clock.

This new design uses bolder fonts and a more modern look. In addition, the design of the widget selector, launcher settings menu, APK installer, and access permission dialog box are also revamped.

Not only a fresh design, MIUI 14 will also bring many new features. For example, the Gallery app now supports a text recognition feature that allows users to copy text from a photographed document. There is also an 'On this Day' feature that will display old school photos taken on the same day several years ago.


Audio quality in MIUI 14 will also be improved thanks to the presence of Bluetooth LE Audio. This feature not only brings new high-quality audio codecs but also support for Auracast, so one phone can be an FM radio station and multiple headphones can listen at the same time.

There is also a Multi-Stream feature that allows users to send audio to two earbuds at once (currently TWS earbuds have one main bud connected to the second bud), as quoted from GSM Arena, Friday (29/7/2022).

MIUI 14 will also bring an 'Anti-fraud protection' feature to protect users from fraud and malicious apps. This feature can detect malicious messages from incoming calls and SMS, as well as warn users of applications of unknown origin.

The bubble notification feature was also added to the Floating Windows menu. But it looks like this feature will only be available for tablets and folding screen phones.

Contrary to previous rumors, Xiaomi is reportedly not going to release MIUI 13.5 as an intermediary between MIUI 13 and 14. So this year Xiaomi plans to immediately release MIUI 14 as the successor to MIUI 13.

According to speculation, MIUI 14 will be unveiled in November. This interface will debut with the Xiaomi 13 series which will carry the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

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