Pico Under Bytedance Launches New Virtual-Reality Set, PICO 4 – Coming To Malaysia



PICO, a subsidiary under Bytedance, has now launched a new virtual reality set, named as PICO 4.

The PICO 4 comes with a Snapdragon XR2 chip, and offers a lightweight design in an effort to offer comfort when wearing. It is also equipped with a 4K+ display, including special controls for controlling in the virtual reality world.

The PICO 4 offers up to three hours of usage time, including fast charging support along with it. It is also equipped with a special interface display, including an application store called PICO Store.

In terms of content, it includes PICO Fitness fitness content, as well as a number of gaming content – ​​including the likes of Just Dance VR, and content like Peaky Blinders and others.

The interesting thing about this PICO 4 is that Bytedance stated that it will introduce it in Malaysia in October. The selling price in Malaysia is still unknown. We may hear more about PICO 4 in Malaysia in a few days.