AI Predicts Who Will Win FIFA World Cup 2022 Through Simulation 100,000 Times

 Every time the FIFA World Cup happens, we see various methods used in making predictions - including using octopus and so on. Recently, The Alan Turing Institute also used the support of artificial intelligence in making predictions about who has a high probability of winning.

Through simulations that were performed around more than 100,000 times, it was seen that Brazil came out as the winner almost 25% of the time, followed by Belgium, Argentina, France and England.

In any case, the researcher stated that this data and study was done just for fun, and may not be very accurate. A number of data are used in training this artificial intelligence, including the use of match data since 1872 which is readily available through GitHub, in addition to a number of other international experiments and match data.

In any case, there is a certain amount of data that is not taken into account in this study, including data related to players, penalties, locations, weather, and so on.

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