New Twitter Accounts Must Wait 90 Days To Subscribe to Twitter Blue


Blue's Twitter subscription is now discontinued to prevent misuse and to avoid the problem of impersonation. It will only be returned on November 29. This is because, Twitter Blue now offers a blue mark to verify subscribed accounts such as Twitter accounts of celebrities, government agencies, famous people or big brands.

Now, the new Twitter Blue page states that not all Twitter accounts are allowed to subscribe to Twitter Blue. If the account is newly created, it has to wait for 90 days before it can start subscribing. Twitter also stated that in the future, selected accounts may have other waiting periods without any notice.

Twitter Blue will currently only be offered to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. It is also limited to iOS users only, where if users are already subscribed to Twitter Blue – they need to upgrade to a new subscription. While users who subscribe via Android have no option to upgrade to a new plan that supports blue smudges.

In Malaysia, the price of Twitter Blue will probably be RM34.90 per month. But it may change in the future when it is official.

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