7 Jobs That Can't Be Replaced By AI, What Are You Working In? (2)



Many people feel helped by the existence of artificial intelligence (AI), but the fear of the massive development of AI also haunts job seekers. The reason is, a number of jobs can now be replaced by AI. Employee efficiency and being replaced by technology have happened a lot in the real world.

However, even though technology is advanced, some jobs still cannot be replaced by AI. Launching Medium, is your job name listed below?

1. Event Organizer (EO)

An event designer needs coordination and negotiation skills, as well as creativity to plan. These things are interrelated so that it is almost impossible for workers in the EO field to be replaced by AI.

2. Politicians

Would you like it if your country was led by an AI? Of course not. Leading an organization to a country not only requires cognitive intelligence, emotional skills are also expected from the role of a leader.

3. Magician

"Bim bim bim, so what, prok! prok! prok!". The fun of playing magic can't seem to be replaced by AI. Besides needing ingenuity to do tricks, magicians must also be good at playing emotions and the human brain. Magicians also have to appear natural to be more attractive -- something that is difficult for AI to do.

4. Preacher

Being an ustaz, priest, pastor and other religious leaders, an AI will not be replaced. Undergoing this profession must have faith, emotion and empathy to inspire others.

5. Psychiatrists and psychologists

Conversations between AI and humans will definitely be very limited. In fact, a job as a psychiatrist or psychologist really needs good communication skills, emotional intelligence, a varied approach between patients, and wisdom in responding to patient stories. In short, robots cannot help humans overcome their mental problems as well as professionals.

6. Surgeon

Yes, that's right, there are robots that can help with the surgery. However, the work of this robot must still be supervised by surgeons. In addition, doctors must still be able to connect with patients. Robots are hard to do that.

7. Singer

Recently, there have been several robots created with the ability to sing. But the taste will be different when juxtaposed with a human's ability to hum the lyrics. Moreover, there are various singing techniques. In simple terms, can the robot play a tune with a dangdut twist that feels natural? Hmm... hard to imagine.